FREE Initial Consultation
 • Allow 20-30 minutes for the consultation.
 • You will need to provide one full working set of house keys at the

Inquiries that receive a consult, but do not use service, will be billed a $40.00 consultation fee after 30 days.

Mid-Day Dog Walk
 • $17.00 per visit (minimum)
 • $3.00 per each additional dog
 • 20-30 minute visit
 • Dog waste clean-up included
 • Price may vary on number of dogs, and location.

Dog and/or Cat Vacation Care
 • $17.00 per visit (minimum)
 • 20-30 minute visit
 • FREE Pet waste clean-up (whether dog, litter box, bird cage or
other pet cage)

 • Price may vary on number of pets, and location.

Additional Services
 • Bring In Mail and Newspapers (during vacation care)
 • Email or Text Message Update After Each Visit (whether daily visit
or during vacation care)
 • Photo of your pet sent to your email (whether daily
visit or during vacation care)
 • NO SURCHARGE for providing pet care services ON HOLIDAYS

Additional Notes and Fees:
 • $50.00 Emergency Service Fee (E.g. for Medical Transport) 
 • You shall pay for any out of pocket veterinary care and prescription
costs incurred by Soulard Pet Sitters in the event veterinary care is
required for your pet during your absence.  Soulard Pet Services
shall use its best efforts to obtain your prior consent when seeking
any such treatment or care for your pet in such instances.
 • Yard Waste Clean-Up (TBD on the size, and time, of the yard clean up.)

 • We recommend that you have us retain a copy of your keys on file so that we can easily accommodate your pet care needs as they arise and that you provide the keys to us at the initial consultation.  There will be no charge for a one-time pick-up or drop-off of keys. However, for every additional time you have us pick-up the keys and drop them off, we reserve the right to charge a nominal fee of $5.00 to cover our time and administrative costs.   

 • You must provide a minimum 24-hour notice for cancellation of service. If cancellation occurs less than 24 hours prior to the scheduled visit, we reserve the right to charge you the total cost of visits cancelled or $50.00, whichever is less.

 • We DO NOT work on the day of Soulard's Mardi Gras Grande Parade Day.

 • We DO NOT work out of Hotels, Motels, or Air B and B.

 • We work with some exotic pets, but may be limited, depending on circumstances.

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